Office of State Assessment

Guidelines for Text Selection

Texts selected for use on the Regents Exam in English Language Arts (Common Core) must be worth reading and exemplify the CCLS writing standards. They must be sufficiently complex and merit the close reading and level of analysis required at the 11th-CCR Band level. All texts selected must be aligned to the requirements of the particular test part and must adhere to the following general specifications.

Educators may consider using the Guidelines for Text Selection in their own classrooms to ensure the texts their students are using meet the demands of the Common Core and are thus similar to those texts that students will encounter on the Regents Examination and in college and their careers. The Guidelines for Text Selection give detailed information around text authorship, content, quality, craftsmanship and complexity that are invaluable to curriculum designers, as well as those creating their own formative assessments. Finally, the Guidelines for Text Selection could form the basis of professional development opportunities to calibrate adults around understanding the components of quality text selections in curriculum and assessment.

Downloadable Resources

Guidelines for Text Selection PDF file (325.33 KB)

Last Updated: September 15, 2022